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Loan Programs

There are many types of loan programs and with my 20+ years’ experience I’ll ensure you get the right loan to achieve your goals.  

First-Time Home Buyer Programs


Multiple options for no money down programs, closing cost assistance, and down payment grants.


FHA Loans

Offers flexible qualifying criteria and requires smaller down payments than with most conventional loans. 

FHA 203k Rehab/Renovation Loan: Combine repairs and home financing into one loan.

VA Loans


Valuable option for American veterans and active members of the military.


USDA Loans


Great option that allows a home to be purchased for no money down.


Conventional Fixed Rate Loans


The traditional fixed rate mortgage is our most popular program to refinance or buy a home, maximizing your stability with a fixed rate and payment.


Conventional ARM Loans


If you plan on staying in your home short-term or would like lower payments, an ARM loan might be right for you.


Jumbo Loans


An incredible option to buy or refinance a high-priced or luxury home.


HARP Loans


HARP is a federal program to help homeowners refinance their mortgages to a lower rate.



Down Payment Assistance Programs



Down Payment Assistance programs assist borrowers who meet specific criteria to purchase a home.